Eaton Aurora 1000 VA (UPS)

Eaton Aurora 1000 VA (UPS)

Eaton Aurora Line-interactive UPS affordably protects critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption caused by power fluctuations and outages. With built-in double boost and buck automatic voltage regulation, the Aurora is perfect for areas where the supply voltage is constantly unstable. Typical applications – Work from home – Laptop, desktop and routers,  IT, networking, storage, telecom, POS machines and  other small power backup applications

Article No. 9E69-63013-E0
HSN CODE 85362010
Brand Name Eaton
Topology Line-interactive with Microprocessor Controlled Design
Rating (VA/Watts) 1000/600
Input Voltage Range 140-300 Vac (load dependent)
Frequency 50 Hz
User Interface Line Mode: Green LED lighting
Battery Mode: Green LED Flashing
Fault: None
Standard equipment Box terminal
Recharge Time 6 hours to recover 90% capacity
Warranty 1 Year
No. of Days to Dispatch 3-4 Days

Core features

  • Double Boost & Buck AVR provides wide input voltage and frequency ranges (up to 140-300V & >40Hz)
  • Compact design with fixed input cord for easy installation and greater security
  • India outlets for easy equipment connections
  • Plug and play UPS with Small footprint for easy installation on or under a desk
  • Green Power function prevents battery discharge when no load is connected, saving the battery from deep discharge damage
  • Overload Protection alerts user and protects UPS from damage
  • Microprocessor controlled design to assure maximum reliability and stability
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