Analog Panel Meter

An analog panel meter is a type of electrical meter that uses a mechanical movement and a pointer to display the measurement of an electrical quantity such as voltage, current, or power. These meters have a dial and a pointer, similar to a traditional clock or speedometer, that moves to indicate the measurement. They are widely used in industrial, commercial and residential settings for measuring various electrical parameters.

Analog panel meters are available in a variety of types, such as ammeters to measure current, voltmeters to measure voltage, and wattmeters to measure power. They can be used to measure DC or AC quantities and come in different ranges, accuracy and sizes to suit different applications. They are relatively simple in design and easy to read, but their readings can be affected by environmental factors such as vibration and temperature.

Analog panel meters are becoming less common and are being replaced by digital meters, which are more accurate, easy to read and have more features such as data logging and remote monitoring. However, analog panel meters are still used in some applications where simplicity, low cost, and ruggedness are important.

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